4 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

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As a business owner you have to make lots of important decisions.  You have to decide where to put your time and efforts.  A business owner has to take this same approach to marketing and ask, “Where is the best use of my marketing dollars?”

More and more businesses are turning to the internet to answer this important question.  The problem is there are so many avenues of marketing online that a business owner can try.  There is a whole zoo of options from buying ads on Google (this is called pay-per-click or PPC), to ads you can buy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There are also benefits to using your own skills to promote and market your business using the social media accounts already mentioned, without paying the companies directly for ads.  The list of ways to spend money on internet advertising is endless.

So how does a business owner chose between all these options?  Well, we recommend search engine optimization, or SEO, and here are 4 reasons why.

1.    Everyone trusts Google.  Millions of Google searches are done every day.  Anyone with access to the internet has done a Google search.  Everyone has gone to Google at some point looking for an answer to a question like, “What is the weather in Durham , North Carolina.” Or, “How close is the nearest BBQ joint.”  

The results that Google brings back to the person searching are trusted as a good answer to their question.  Everyone has had this experience and it’s one of the reasons why Google is the largest search engine in the world.  Therefore, it is advantageous to show up at the top of the Google search results because; everyone is familiar with and trusts the answers that Google brings back.

2.    Search engine optimization is cost effective.  With PPC, you have to pay Google every time someone clicks on your advertisement.  It doesn’t matter if the person who clicks turns into a customer or not, you have to pay for every click.  This is not the case with SEO.  When your business website is ranked at the top of the Google search results, it doesn’t matter how many visitors click on your website (which will hopefully be a lot).  

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The costs for search optimization are sunk.  Once the results are delivered, the website stays at the top for months and even years.  Yes, sometime down the road there may be some maintenance that is needed on the website, but once the initial work is done, the payments stop.  At this point SEO can become an asset and the business gets to enjoy a return on investment.  

3.    The business owner has full control.  This is an important advantage of SEO.  If you buy ads on Facebook or any of the social media sites, you are hoping that your profile on these sites stays in good graces.  The reality is, at any time the social media website can change their terms of service, or even restrict or remove your business’s profile.  

With SEO this is not the case.  The business owns the website, and if that website appears at the top of the search results, the business owner gets to enjoy the benefits of that ranking.  The search engine has no control over the website, because they do not own the site.  The search engine can change the way it delivers search results and this may affect the website, but the website can then upgrade to adapt to the changes and regain its position.

4.    The numbers are powerful.  The value of SEO can be calculated by looking at the number of clicks on each position of the search results.  For Google, about 35 percent of the searchers click on the first organic listing.  The first three positions get a bit more that 60 percent of the total clicks with less than 40 percent of clicks divided between the next 6 positions.  Only 3 percent (!) of searchers click through to the second page of the search results.  All of the traffic and customers are at the top of the search results.

So it’s obvious to see that if you are an Orthodontist in Raleigh, North Carolina, it is way more valuable to sit at the top position for the search, “Orthodontist in Raleigh” than it is to be at the bottom of the first page of results.  

Hopefully you can see the value of SEO services  It is an effective form of marketing that can get your business in front of customers that are actively looking for your goods and services.  Take the time to research all forms of digital marketing to see what is right for your business and don’t be surprised if you decide that search marketing is the best place to spend your hard earned dollars.  

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